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We are the only tour company that takes you from LA to wine country and back, all in one exciting day
About Us

southern california wine tours

Introducing -Hollywood Grape Escapes- a tour company based in Los Angeles, CA which emphasizes in introducing our guests to wine. We not only introduce our guests to wine tasting, but we do so in route to wine country, where you can apply your newly learned skills on the wines you will be tasting.

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Wine Tours

wine tours - santa barbara, temecula valley

Join us as our guest aboard the Grape Express shuttle bus and let us take you on a day of wine tasting to California wine country. Along the way, our wine experts will entertain and educate you about wine tasting techniques, so you know exactly how to get the full enjoyment of your wine tasting experience. We offer several different wine tours and non wine tours. Please browse through our website and book your interest.

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wine tasting in santa barbara and temecula

What makes us different than others?

There are good wines and there are great wines. We fall into the category of great wines. We are the only wine tour company that takes guests from the greater LA area to Wine Country and back, all in one day.

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