Santa Barbara County Wine Tasting

This is an all day tour from 7:30am to 9:30pm
$80 per person,cost does not include wine tastings, special group rates of 15 or more also available

Imagine yourself sitting back in your comfortable chair, looking at the Pacific Ocean waves as they crash onto the shore.  The sea disappears behind the gentle rolling hills as you start to admire the colorful landscape on which the vineyards lay. As you continue to look out, your tour guide has just finished educating you about wine tasting. As the shuttle bus comes to its first stop, you look outside the window and you see…

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Rows of colorful grapevines.  You step off the bus and plant your feet in the fine dirt that is California wine country. You take a deep breath and realize you are about to start tasting some of the world’s finest wines. Welcome to California wine country, a world of its own…
Breath taking views. Picturesque rolling hills planted with vineyards. Join us as we take you to two different wineries and allow you to satisfy your wine palate. (Note: Wine tastings are not included in the tour price ). Socialize with friends and meet new ones.  Ask the wine tenders about the wines your tasting. Stroll the vineyard and enjoy nature with your full wine glass. Once there, the possibilities are endless.  As the sun begins to hide behind the hills, you take your final sip of wine and jump on the Grape Express…

By the time you settle in your seat again, you may start feeling a little hungry or maybe you’re feeling lucky. No worries, Hollywood Grape Escapes has got you covered…

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For those of you feeling hungry, you may remain on the Grape Express shuttle as it takes you to Solvang. Windmills large and small, horse drawn carriages, family bicycles, old Danish architecture, authentic Danish restaurants, Danish bakeries and Danish Plundergebäck. We welcome you to Solvang CA, Velkommen….walk the friendly streets and try real fudge from the chocolate store. Solvang has a little something for everyone.  We encourage you to partake and satisfy your Danish palate. Guests will have the liberty of two and half hours free and clear to enjoy one of their choices. After the two hours are up, we collect all the guests and head back to LA.

****Please note we require a total minimum of 12 for trip to move forward, please read terms and conditions before booking****

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